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   Bespoke Software

Many customers come to us having either an existing 'off the shelf' package which isn't quite meeting their business needs, or home-made spreadsheets, which are now starting to creak under the strain as the business grows.

A custom made software application could be the answer your business has been looking for. The advantages of bespoke software over off-the-shelf packages are numerous:

    • It can incorporate business processes that are specific to you.
    • It can interface with existing software.
    • Users find it easier to use than off-the-shelf packages as it can mimic existing company forms and it doesn't contain any unneccessay functions.  
    • It can work out cheaper as you only pay once for the software no matter how many users or sites you have.
    • You will get much better support talking directly to the developer
    • It will be flexible to change and grow as your business grows.

In short, a custom developed software system can give you significant business advantages over your competitors.

A close relationship is usually built up between the developer and the end users / managers to ensure that the software meets your requirements.  The developer will look at your existing practices and can sometimes suggest simplier or more stream-lined alternatives. The software is then written using industry best practices. The client will then get to play with a test or demo version to ensure that all requirments are met. It also helps staff to play with a demo system at this stage, knowing they can't break anything! The client is welcome to make changes at any stage.  Once everyone is happy the software will be installed. This stage may include migrating data from old systems into the new system, but it is all done seamlessly.  The final training is completed, but this doesn't been you're left on your own. We're at the end of telephone or email and will hold your hand as long as necessary. Most companies will continue to change and grow the software over the following years - adding and removing functions to suit their current business and customers.


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